February 2018

Valentines Day for me has always been a little bit scary. Will the person I love remember me? There have been the boyfriends who say they don't believe in or like Valentines Day, the message being not to expect anything from them on this special day. My good friend Mark, always the perfect gentleman, once said to me, "Really how much effort does it really take to do something nice for the person you love, to send flowers or a card just to make them feel good? Valentines Day just isn't that hard. " I've never forgotten that. 

In college, my then boyfriend sent me a dozen red roses in a white box. They were absolutely gorgeous. I remember getting a call from the front office in the dormitory and when I saw the gift it took my breath away. 

The only remedy for the scariness of Valentines Day is to focus on giving, not getting. Try picking out something special for your one person and do something that makes Valentines Day a day they will never forget. 


Happy New Year 2018

Winter is here and in with a blast of cold weather that can play havoc on the skin. I feel the best when my skin feels balanced and protected. I use my face oils the last step in my skin regimen morning and night and then again during the day as needed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to make my skin glow. I even as a base to retouch makeup during the day. My products don't interfere with my already applied makeup base and keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing all day long.


My website is finally live...

Hi- I am Leslie Vargas, the "L" behind elle landon™. I am so excited to launch my website today! I would like to thank my husband Jon, our seven children (Emily, Paul, Landon (and Mandy), Cole, Claire, Christian, and Elliott), my brother John, and my mother Jean Landon Wallace for all their love and support. Also thanks to our good friends Kathy and Jim Huizenga for their help on my website, their friendship, patient advice, and sharing our love of wine and food, especially bottles of The Prisoner. 

The photos are by Jon, except the product photos and the one of me on the contact page, they are by Sarah Gibson (who was also instrumental with helping me on the website, with product design, and in so many other ways!). She is a wonderful young designer who you can find on Instagram at sargibs or on her blog at roomfortuesday.com and tuesdaymade.com

Special thanks go out to my dear friends Lisa Grissim Koetters (my best friend since our days at Harpath Hall and Vanderbilt), my former boss and attorney extraordinaire Ellen Weprin, and Nicole Gianuglou at Preen (also a shout out to Beth). Lastly, thanks to my friends Ann Dunham, Tori Watson, Cheryl Gadd, Kate Coleman, Mary Mims, Joni Light, and Mark Bustillo for all the times they have been there for me. These are all my guardian angels without whose love and support there would not be an Elle Landon for me to run.