Leslie Vargas

Founder/Creator of Elle Landon

My quest for perfect skin led me to try every skincare line available to me beginning at age 16 when I could drive all over town! While most teenagers were using Clearsil and cold cream, I was trying lines like Erno Lazlo, Estee Lauder, Irma Shorell, Borghese, Shisheido, and Prescriptives, to name a few. I was scouring my mother's makeup drawers and the counters of upscale stores for the best moisturizers and lipsticks I could find. In my early twenties I gave up the sun to protect my skin, graduated from college, and married. Over the next thirty years I raised my four boys (later adding two more girls and a boy) never forsaking my pursuit of the best skincare lines and products whenever I could. My interests led me from Nashville to Chicago, Paris, and New York and to discuss beauty and skincare with some of the "greats" in the industry. 

After years searching for the right products to quench my naturally dry skin, I began experimenting with essentials oils. I fell in love with them and began working to find the right combination of oils that would deeply moisturize and nourish my skin. I wanted a combination that would absorb into my skin easily without leaving it greasy. I developed a product for my personal use and found my friends kept asking what I was using. I wound up giving it away to my friends and learned even more along the way. Now that my children no longer need so much attention, and at the urging of my friends and family, I have started my own line of essential oil-based skincare products for anyone to use.

It has been a long and fun personal journey. I hope you love my facial oil as much as I do. Please let me know what you think.

– Leslie